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Email has become a part of everyday life. You have to visit Osari Mail in the morning. That’s it before going to bed at night. Having worked from home, all business is now running its own in the mails. Employees are estimated to spend an average of more than 6 hours a day on weekdays. Want to reduce the time you spend looking at emails? Do you want to use it more efficiently? Fortunately, there are many tips available in Gmail. These can be found in Gmail with Gmail.

Insert photo

Everyone knows how to attach photos to email. But what if I want to insert a photo or a screenshot in the middle of the email? There is a simple way to do this. When composing an email, place your cursor where you want to insert the photo and click the little photo icon next to the send button. Select the photo you want to insert and enter.

Make it show for as long as you want

Do you want the email we send to be visible for a while? However, after a certain period of time, you can choose the option that will automatically disappear. For this, after writing the email, click on the locked clock sign next to the send button and activate the ‘Confidential Mode’. Then select how long the mail will be deleted (one day, one week, one month, etc.) in Confidential mode. After that time, the email will be deleted automatically. These can also be shipped with 2-step verification for added security if desired. With this, if you enter the SMS sent to the phone, the other person will be able to see the mail. A good option for those who want to send highly confidential emails.

It will be delivered to the representative.

Go somewhere for a week. You may not be able to see the email there. Important information may not be answered. What if we elect Gmail representatives on our behalf at those times? To do this, there is the option to delegate access to the account. This allows correspondents to read, send and delete our emails. But we cannot chat from our mail. The password cannot be changed. The delegate’s email address will be displayed even if the email is sent from our inbox. Up to 10 delegates can be added to the account access delegation. This must be done by computer. It is not possible in the application. Open Gmail and click the Settings button, then click Accounts and Import or the Accounts function. In the ‘Grant access to your account’ section, click ‘Add another account’ Enter the delegates’ email address. Click the Next Step button and click Send Email to grant access. This will send a confirmation email to the other party. Delegates can be found on the roster 24 hours after confirmation. Remember that this invitation will expire one week later.

Inbox pause

If you do not want to receive any new mail in your inbox, you can select the Inbox Pause feature. All you have to do is download add-ons like Free Pause for Gmail and Boomerang for Gmail from the Chrome Store. When installed, a “Pause” button appears below the Inbox. Clicking on it will temporarily stop the sending of emails to your inbox. If you press the ‘Resume’ button when necessary, all emails that have been paused until then will go in and out at the same time. Ideal for those who have a habit of checking their inbox at all times, as well as those who are frustrated with incoming email notifications.

Automatic division

We subscribe to many newsletters, social media platforms, and other daily mail sources. All of these are included in the inbox and seem confusing. If you want to keep them together, you can enlist the help of Gmail Filter. Automatically divide emails into sections. Click on the Settings button and then on the ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ tab. Create filters based on email addresses, subject line, etc. That’s it … all those emails will go to them.

Multiple services with a single email address

Google doesn’t recognize the dots (.), Plus ‌ (+) in the Gmail address. Therefore, these bookmarks can be added to the same address and used for multiple services. For instance [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], g.m+a.i+++lus…[email protected] The same goes for writing the address anyway. [email protected] The email will arrive at the address. It is very useful for those who want to open multiple social media accounts.

Watching email trends

ThisMail Analytics is a good facility. How many emails do we send per day with this? How many inboxes have arrived? Details, such as graphs, can be found in the form of statistics. You can also find out who receives the most emails and how often we reply to them on average. It helps to identify customers who are taking more time, more or less workload among team members.

Easy with quotes

CoMany emails can be too long. You may have to answer many of them. You can use the ‘Quotes’ function in the format bar to easily send them. Open Gmail and copy the reply. Then click the Reply button. After selecting the Quotes function in the format bar, a gray vertical line appears in the mail. Along with this you have to paste the copied part. Below you have to write the answer and send. All these important points can be clearly answered.

Doesn’t matter the internet work

OnDo you want to use Gmail even if the internet speed is slow? However, select ‘HTML Mode’. If you enable it, you can compose mail even if it is hard work on the Internet. It can be shipped. This is especially useful in remote areas where the Internet is struggling, such as airports. Otherwise, no other functions are available.

Quickly with shortcuts

ThisYou can use some keyboard shortcuts to get things done quickly in mail. For example, you can send mail by pressing the Control and Enter buttons at the same time. The hashtag can be removed with the button. There are many keyboard shortcuts like this one. Before enabling them, go to General Settings and select the Enable button in the keyboard shortcuts section. We can even create new shortcuts ourselves if we want.

All in one place

GRAM.The mail inbox is divided into different parts by default. There are mainly the Primary, Social and Promotion sections. As a result, social and promotional emails may not fall into the important category, but they change overnight. Sometimes this can be irritating. As before, sections can be removed by making sure all mail appears in one place. To do this, log into your Gmail account and go directly to your inbox. Click the Settings icon on the right and select Inbox. Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums must be unchecked. All emails appear in one place.

Fit with labels

OnEmails can be put together in the form of labels as if they were packaged. The provision of labels helps in this. Click on the ‘Create New Label’ option on the left side of Gmail and enter the name and a new label will appear. Emails related to the topic will remain the same forever.

* Mails can also be organized through Stars, Important Symbols. If desired, colored stars and other symbols can be used. With the help of General Settings, you can choose what kind of stars and symbols you want.

Did you send open mail? Or not?

TOWe will send some emails. Did the others open them? Or not? Doubt arises in the mind. There is no such problem if you install the Gmail plugin ‘Esware’. Add a small tracking pixel to the emails we send. Once the other person opens the email, it will download to their system. Provide information to Sverre. That notifies you immediately that the mail was opened via a desktop notification. It is very helpful to know who did not reply when the email was sent and if the original email was received.

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