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Jesta Hillman Responds To Cheating On Koh-Lanta By Posting Pictures Of Her Weight Loss During Gameplay


While the grand finale of Koh-Lanta, the legend Airing on TF1 this Tuesday, December 14, Jesta Hillman wanted to react to the accusations of cheating. The former candidate posted photos of her very emaciated upon her return from the adventure and called her community to “don’t make amalgams”.

It is a controversy that will probably permanently mark the history of the small screen. Since a few days, misleading disclosures within Koh-Lanta, the legend They are linked. The Teheiura case I had already seriously damaged this edition of All-Stars. It was nothing compared to “underground dinners“in which five adventurers would have participated. The production would be lookinga photo proving the fraud so what targeted candidates always seem to deny. Final bounce: according to The parisian, Laurent and Claude would have, during filming, production threatened by strike if the latter did not give them … cakes. Race results, TF1 and ALP have decided upset the course of the final : Denis Brogniart will not be counted tonight and therefore no winner will be nominated and the 100,000 euros that he was promised according to donations to the Bertrand-Kamal association, which aims to fight pancreatic cancer that he had won as a candidate in 2020 .

“Don’t make amalgams”

This matter marks one of the most appreciated programs of the French that had the participation of hundreds of adventurers. It is the whole authenticity of the survival game that is in question. The numerous criticisms in recent days have led some to react, such as Jesta hillman. Remember. In 2016, the young woman had proven her worth and had reached climb the poles within Koh-Lanta, the treasure island. The mother of two owes a lot to the show, as it allowed her to meet Benedict, another adventurer, who became her husband and father to her children. The one we follow today in Moms and celebrities I wanted to react on Tuesday, December 14. On his Instagram account, he posted a series of photos of her very emaciated upon his return from the adventure. -9 kilos in 42 days, he wrote in the caption, before explaining the reason for its publication: “If I share these photos with you on my return from Koh-Lanta after 42 days of survival it is to show you the reality of things. Don’t mix things up or mix everything“, remember.

“Even on a drastic diet, you don’t lose 20 pounds in 42 days.”

The mother of Juliann and Adriann keep going: “I guess it might sound implausible The lack of food, hygiene and comfort in this society or many scream in scandal because television sometimes lacks honesty.“According to her, there is no need to procrastinate as the “the photos speak for themselves” : “Even on the world’s most drastic diet, no, you don’t lose 9 pounds in 42 daysShe breathes. Jesta concludes her message by saying “his pride” for having arrived “survive 42 days”. Can the candidates of this edition All-Stars who are concerned about the cheating issue say the same? Not so sure …

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