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Nokia X20 is the first Nokia smartphone to receive an update to Android 12: - high-tech lifestyle

Nokia X20 is the first Nokia smartphone to receive an update to Android 12: – high-tech lifestyle


HMD Global has officially announced that the smartphone Nokia X20 It is the first Nokia brand model to receive the update to Android 12.

This is available globally now, but since the update will roll out gradually, it may take a few hours before you receive the installation notification.

Although it is a budget smartphone, the Nokia X20 will benefit from three major updates, which means that it should receive updates for Android 13 and 14, respectively.

What’s new with Android 12?

  • The new Material You Design: we have faster and smoother animations, new themes, new ways of customization and uniqueness. This uniqueness is really the big change because it gives an extra personality to your device. You choose a wallpaper, the system will automatically choose the dominant color and will automatically color the rest of the interface (notification area, settings, menus, etc.);
  • completely changed notification center (now we have 4 quick settings with changed shapes, more vivid colors, etc.);
  • Privacy Center Settings – This will allow you to see which apps have used various elements and sensors on your device (microphone, camera, location, etc.). You can also receive notifications in real time when an application uses its sensors and turns it off;
  • AVIF image support, so you don’t have to compromise on image quality for large files.
  • audio and haptic effect for more exciting games and audio experiences;
  • new double-tap function: allows you to activate actions by double-tapping on the back of the phone;
  • improvements in the use of smartphones with one hand;
  • activate the Google Assistant by pressing and holding the power button;
  • extended screenshot function – this allows you to take detailed screenshots even if the original image is not fully visible on the smartphone screen;
  • other improvements.