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Jio offers a golden opportunity to earn money sitting at home; Learning method – Marathi News | Earn money with the application jiopos lite jio recharge get all the details

Very few people know that Reliance Jio gives you the opportunity to earn money sitting at home. Telecommunications company Reliance Jio had introduced a service in 2020, through which customers can earn money from home. The service has an Android application available on the Play Store by the name of Jio POS Lite. The Jio POS Lite application is a community recharge application, you get a commission of 4.16% on your account and the recharges of others made through this application. Let’s learn how to use this application.

Here’s how to make money with Jio POS Lite

  • First install the Jio POS Lite app from Play Store and then open it.
  • Then grant this app the permissions it needs.
  • Then tap on Sign up now.
  • Here you need to enter your email ID and Geo mobile phone number information. Then tap Recharge Partner.
  • Then tap on Generate OTP below. Now an OTP will come to your Geo number, enter it. You will now be asked for your name and email id.
  • Here you must also set your location. Then check the Terms and Conditions and tap Continue.
  • Then tap Sign in. An OTP will appear when you enter your Geo number, enter it.
  • You will have the option to create an mPIN so you don’t have to log in frequently.
  • You must set your favorite PIN.
  • When registration is complete, 4 options will appear. This will include the reload, my winnings, the options load, and the passbook.
  • You can recharge any number by going to the first option. Your earnings will be reflected in My earnings.
  • Before recharging any number, you must add a minimum balance of Rs 500 to your account. You can use credit card, debit card, or online banking for this.
  • The recharge made through this application obtains a commission of 4.16%.
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Web title: Earn money with the application jiopos lite jio recharge get all the details

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