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Joe Biden's main adviser on National Security is already in the country to meet with Alberto Fernández

Joe Biden’s main adviser on National Security is already in the country to meet with Alberto Fernández

The chief adviser on National Security to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, will visit Olivos with Juan Gonzalez, director for the Western Hemisphere of the White House, who already visited Argentina last April, when he met with Fernández.

In addition, they make up the entourage Ricardo Zuniga, special envoy for the Northern Triangle (Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) and MaryKay Carlson, in charge of business at the US embassy in Buenos Aires. Along with Alberto Fernández will be Felipe Solá, Gustavo Béliz Y Jorge Argüello.

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The moment when the US delegation left the Jorge Newbery Airport in the City of Buenos Aires.

Mariano fuchila

During the meeting, it is expected that the global vaccination campaign will be discussed as a prop for the recovery of economies. It should be remembered that the US has already donated to the world about 100 million doses of different vaccines against the coronavirus and it is possible that shortly, in addition, there will be a new announcement of the shipment of new doses from Washington to Argentina. Perhaps it is earlier than thought so far.

In addition, the situation in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will be discussed, also bearing in mind that Zuniga was a special collaborator of Barack Obama in the process of “thaw” with the Cuban government. On the other hand, it is also expected that the role of China at a global level will be discussed, a point that also occupied a central place during Sullivan’s meeting with Bolsonaro.

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In Buenos Aires, the Security Advisor plans to hold meetings with other national officials as well.

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Jake Sullivan, Biden’s Top National Security Adviser

Regarding his career, it was explained that Sullivan is the 28th Presidential Assistant for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor).

In the administration Barack Obama “He served as Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to then-Vice President Biden, Director of the Department of State’s Policy Planning Cabinet, and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

In his term in office, “Sullivan led the negotiations in the initial talks that paved the way for the nuclear deal with Iran, and he played a key role in the US-initiated negotiations that led to the ceasefire in Gaza in 2012.”

Jake Sullivan.

It also “helped shape the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, both at the State Department and at the White House.”

Also, it was the Chief Policy Advisor to Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, among other public and private activities, was added.

After his tenure in government, Sullivan was a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he helped conceive and design a bipartisan project on a foreign policy for the middle class. He also taught at Yale Law School, the University of New Hampshire, and Dartmouth College.

He co-founded and co-directed the advisory council of National security action, a non-profit organization focused on national security, and was a member of the advisory boards of various organizations related to foreign policy and national security. He was the top policy advisor to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

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Sullivan has a BA in Political Science and International Studies from Yale College; an MA in International Relations from Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and a JD from Yale Law School. He was assistant to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and Judge Guido Calabresi of the Court of Appeals for the Second District.