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Kasper Hjulmand (Denmark): "We trust our game"

Kasper Hjulmand (Denmark): “We trust our game”

Marked by the heart failure of Christian Eriksen, the Danish team climbed bravely and talentedly into the round of 16 at the Euro and will face Wales on Saturday. For coach Kasper Hjulmand, this strength does not come from this event alone.

“We feel great strength. We live three games with as many emotions as for a lifetime, but tomorrow (Saturday) it’s another game and we’re going to give it our all. I don’t think this strength comes from just what happened to Christian. Our matches in March were very good and we are confident in our game, we had something dramatic and we played one of our best matches a few days later to beat Russia. It is physical and mental strength. And we have a lot of quality in the team. “

Respect for Wales

However, Kasper Hjulmand expresses deep respect for his opponent Wales.

“We have a lot of respect for Wales. What they have been doing in recent years is beautiful. They are proud to represent their country and it shows. If you reach the semifinals of the last Euro, it means that you have many qualities. It is a great team that we respect a lot. I consider this meeting to be balanced. Wales has many qualities and so do we. “

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