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"Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory" Review: A Love Letter to Fans Hidden Behind the Rhythm Game

“Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” Review: A Love Letter to Fans Hidden Behind the Rhythm Game

Kingdom Hearts “Rhythm game” is a killer four-word pitch.It guarantees immediate success with fans who know most about Disney x Final Fantasy A deep connection between the series and its music. That’s why I wasn’t so shocked at startup. Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody Find a game that is easily recommended to anyone who is instantly interested in this fascinating franchise.

Even if you’re completely out of the loop Memory melody Designed to speed up. This is an accessible rhythm game where players carefully guide the story of all major entries. Kingdom hearts Complete with series, catch-up clips and a single stay in the past. It provides heartfelt memories and fans returning to the newcomer with the bones of an incredible story that has been woven for decades.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.Credit: Square Enix

Curious beginners may not know the tearful songs like the iconic “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary”, but kick from the Disney classics that hit their toes from movies like: There is no way to get The little mermaid And Nightmare Before Christmas..For Disney fans who haven’t played yet Kingdom heartsYou can’t imagine the surprises you feel when you open each door of fate to discover a new world based on the story and characters of Pixar and Disney’s vault.

I want to wipe the slate clean, Chain of memories-Relive the experience in style and in my own words.Alas, my naivety was killed by my forum dive, a teenager hugging a wiki, when I wrapped the last drop Kingdom hearts The content I found.

Still, as a series otaku who is obsessed with the content, I had a lot of fun. Memory melody Beyond the extra pieces of endgame content.

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The gameplay is simple, but surprisingly effective. There are three buttons to tap in time with the beat of the battle, but almost every combination has a quirk. Glide through the air to catch notes, and jump and tag enemies with the high combo health bar. Very happy and easy to get in.

I’ve also never kept pace with music, especially a pair of good headphones that help keep time. With three difficulty settings, you can easily find your skill level. It’s the perfect game for a swim, cool at night, or relaxing. Sure, there’s pressure when needed, but it’s mainly about taking inventory and spending time carefully with a complex emotional soundtrack.

Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.Credit: Square Enix

In addition to the already successful base games, there are also interesting metagames where you can acquire craftable materials and use items to succeed.

To collect them, you need to get a “full chain” completion score for the song and complete optional missions. You also need to get a crystal that can be exchanged for a new song or a key for a special collector’s card. The merchant Moogle gains power when given debris. Complete levels as a team and level up in the course of the game. You can swap side characters to accent songs that are unique to each world.

For Die Hard, you can see official promotions and key art Kingdom hearts It’s really fun to see the characters and places up close through the collectibles. Therefore, it is easy to complete the character set through the resource grind.

The· Kingdom hearts The series is famous for its soundtrack and there is no better way to appreciate it than to play Memory melody.. Scores range from uplifting boss themes to devastating piano ballads. The returning fans will pass through the roller coaster again.

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Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.Credit: Square Enix

Before and after the release in 2019 Kingdom Hearts III, I arrived at Tokyo Sky Tree, where there was a festive exhibition dedicated to the game.Video medley Kingdom hearts The song played on the motion banner while watching the neon-lit city skyline. I will never forget that moment about how it gave me such clarity about the importance of musical memory and how it was done. Memory melody It was the core of it.

Many JRPGs live and die because of their amazing soundtrack. Kingdom hearts No difference, that’s why fans consider Memory melody To be such a compelling success.In the same way Beat saver Turn music into a physical performance, Memory melody Enhance your music Kingdom hearts To something more magnificent.

“Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” has been released PlayStation 4, Xbox One And Nintendo switch..

Our verdict

Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody A love letter to fans of this emotionally complex miracle collaboration franchise. Rhythm game frameworks are good for eliciting compelling gameplay. It will be difficult to find such different scores in similar games.

If you are a newcomer, it is worth playing the whole game itself. But if you can’t get angry with the whole journey, this is a great summary to help you get used to the continuous plots of the series. For veterans of the series, this is easy.


  • Kingdom hearts‘Stellar soundtrack provides a spin-off backbone for this natural rhythm game
  • Catchy combat is full of clever quirks-easy to learn but hard to master
  • Extensive fan service makes it the ultimate gift Kingdom hearts fan
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  • Despite doing their best to simplify the beat, a complete newcomer can be overwhelmed by the story