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Kitchen and living room furniture, the tricks to organize a unique environment


OROrganizing the kitchen and living room in a single environment can be a difficult task: let’s discover together some tricks to create a perfect piece of furniture!

The open space has become part of our daily life. Therefore, it is imperative to think carefully about a kitchen and living room furniture that it can be harmonious to stay in a single environment.

Therefore, these spaces need to be better designed to take full advantage of the environments and their function. To do this, you will have to enter decorations and use smart styling to keep areas separate but smooth.

Everything that may seem complicated to you will become simple through ours. advice (with a few tricks) to make the most of your open space without spending a fortune and surprise family and friends!

Differentiate the color of the walls

Open space requires personality. This is your relaxation area, where you eat but also where you can sometimes work. Divide each room with a different color, looking for a suitable shade for the different functions. Go importance to the sofa with a specially designed wall, even focusing on a very dark color.

Take advantage of color games to enlarge size but it also tries to differentiate the spaces using different textures. Match the style of the furniture, which should clearly distinguish the living areas at a glance.

Pick some hue that are consistent with each other and prefer neutral colors. They are easier to combine and expand the visual space of your open space. Dare on opposite walls, like the ones in front of the doors. In this case, you can go even further with even the heaviest colors.

Create an optical illusion

The most common ploy is to apply a wallpaper that is so characteristic of the trompe l’oeil. Dare with a part that recalls a landscape or a forest, or that recalls the green of the garden. Use green velvet and choose some indoor plants that are easy to care for and that do not suffer too much inside the apartment.

Divide the space

Separate the different areas with a central column or dividing part. Within this, enter some niches which can provide additional space. For the finishes, choose a shade in walnut. In this way, you will also add a decorative touch to the decoration of the living room. Remember that choosing an open space is a winner even if you live in a period structure. The open spaces enhance the luminosity, especially in townhouses and terraces.

Play with shapes

Use strong lines to better define your space. Also try varying the flat to give more character and use a rug for the living area. Choose fantasy well, to give a simple but effective touch to your living room and kitchen furniture.

Highlight the roof shape, which is not always horizontal, using the mezzanine solution. You can choose it to use it as an office or you can furnish a bedroom. Take advantage of the trend of the ceiling to give harmony to your environment.

Take care of the lights

Pay close attention to the lighting in each room. Make the most of natural light to keep the rooms alive. This can also help you visually expand the space. Use the sliding doors to access the balcony, to create a solution of continuity with the outside.

Place the ceiling lights and try to illuminate the corners as well. The brighter the room, the larger it will appear. Also choose a different effect for each living space. With this trick, you can easily divide surfaces and create a cozy atmosphere. It also uses floor lamps that you can move as needed and according to the lights that vary with the seasons.

Choose smart furniture

To make the most ofopen space, you have to pay close attention to the placement of the furniture. The advantage of an open space is also linked to habitability, which allows sharing the space with everyone. If you have direct access to the garden, everyone can move freely to get fresh air or gather on the patio.

Pick some gates from earth to heaven, so as not to have interruptions with the outer space. To enhance the effect, combine the interior flooring with that of the balcony and do the same with the choice of furniture. Furnish with an L-shaped sofa, which will help you define the living room area. In addition, you will have more seats available to accommodate the guests.


The open space solution is suitable for smaller rooms to give the illusion of a larger space. THE colors they are fundamental but also the correct choice of furniture, which should have neutral tones, possibly matching those of the walls.

Also take advantage cornersespecially the blind, creating points of interest that can also act as containers to reclaim precious space. Take advantage of everything you have available, up to the roof. Also try to open an additional space in the upper part through a skylight that will give an extra touch to the decoration.

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