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La Salle Natural Science Museum, Science Center

La Salle Natural Science Museum
Photo: courtesy of the ITM.

The La Salle Museum of Natural Sciences was recognized as a Science Center in Colombia for its work for the conservation, enhancement and social appropriation of natural and cultural heritage.

A Science Center is a space for the exchange, understanding and contextualized use of science and technology, which is achieved through the construction of common languages ​​and open dialogues.

Lázaro Mesa Montoya, the director of this space, asserted that the commitment is to improve the way in which science is communicated and disseminated to different audiences in accordance with »biological and cultural diversity, human dignity and the environment, through science, art and technology. ‘

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Sciences of Colombia recognized the La Salle Museum, for the second time, thanks to the management carried out by the ITM, which has been the custodian of this space since 2006.

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