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WhatsApp, no one can spy on your chats thanks to this simple trick


How to avoid being spied on WhatsApp? A simple trick within the instant messaging application will prevent curious people from looking at your chat content.

How to protect WhatsApp chats from the most curious (AdobeStock)

More and more applications contain useful functions designed to strengthen user privacy, even more so when considering the massive use of mobile devices and the presence of particularly personal content, such as multimedia content and instant conversations. If in the last hours we have explained to you how to protect photos and videos on your smartphoneIn this case, using the useful “Locked Folder” function of Google Photos for Android, today we want to focus our attention on a WhatsApp option which will make your conversations even safer, especially by keeping curious people away.

The procedure is available to everyone and will only require a couple of taps on the screen, since it is not necessary to install third-party plugins on your device; In addition, it is designed to work on all smartphones, regardless of the brand or type of operating system.

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How to enable “Fingerprint Lock” in WhatsApp to protect chats

How to avoid being spied on WhatsApp
The “fingerprint lock” will increase the security of WhatsApp chats (AdobeStock)

To reject those users who want spy on WhatsApp chats, it will be enough to open the instant messaging application on your smartphone, click on the three dots at the top right and select the item “Settings”: a screen will open that will allow you to configure the best WhatsApp on the mobile device in use, being able to change the username, backup copies and all the various security options; we are interested in the “Account” section and, above all, the following item “Privacy”.

Once you have entered the special category, just scroll down and enable the option “Fingerprint lock“, Taking care to confirm your identity and establish some parameters for its correct operation, such as immediate blocking or after a certain interval of time (one minute or thirty minutes).

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The “Lock with fingerprint” function will allow you to add a second cap security in conversations on WhatsApp: in order to read its content, it will be necessary to verify it by means of a fingerprint, leaving the curious out of the game.

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