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Letters for father's day

Letters for father’s day

In a few days it’s Father’s Day. I think we should prepare a letter for Father’s Day. What if? Let’s do one of our texts, our poems. So before we write, let’s say a few sentences out loud to gather some ideas for writing. Who starts?

“I. Dear Dad … Dear Dad, you are sweet, playful, special. Dear Dad, I love you. Dear Dad, you are hardworking». «Dear Dad, you are beautiful, you are super! Dear Dad, you are an athlete, special, You are my hero! ».« Dear Dad, you are funny, you are a glutton. I like to hug you You are strong in arm wrestling. You work hard for me. Dear Dad, you are happy ».” Dear Dad, you are energetic, you are intelligent You are beautiful, you can drive well, you can change a flat tire and fix it. “” Dear Dad, you play a lot of pranks on me. Dear Dad, come home early from work. You are beautiful. I like to ride a bike with you. You are a handyman. Dear dad, I’m lucky to have you as a dad. ” “Dear dad, you are fantastic. You know how to assemble Ikea furniture. You are smart, you are kind, you are good, you are good, you are beautiful.

Dear Daddy, you are as sweet as cream. You are to be hugged, you are strong, you are my love. You always ask me what we did. You love me and I love you “.” Dear Dad, I love you. You are tall, you are big, you are strong. I love watching games with you. You are a Milanese like me. “” Dear Dad, I like to come to the field to work with you. I like to make jokes and ride my bike with you. “” Dear Dad, sometimes you are funny. Dear Dad, you are Juventus. Dear Dad, you are in my heart. Dear Dad, you are beautiful, you are thoughtful, kind, good, tender. You are unique, you are perfumed, you are cheerful ».” Dear dad, you are beautiful … “

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Children, can’t we repeat the things that others have already said?
“Dear dad, you are number 1. I like it when you throw me into the water in the sea. You are a champion. You are my life. I would like to return to Acerno with you. I love our picnics. I would like to go back to the mountain with you. Your sandwiches are exquisite. I hope we are always together. Dear Dad, you are cute, good at soccer, strong on Trump. I love exercising with you. Dear daddy, you make me have fun. I like to play with you. “” Dear Dad, you help me with the difficult task. Dear Dad, your wine is delicious. You are very tall, you are a sleepyhead, you are strong, you know how to do everything ».« Dear Dad, do we play together? Dear Dad, you are good at fixing things, you are good at playing the trumpet, you are very good at making pizza and tigelle. Dear Dad, I love you very much. “

“Dear Dad, you know how to bake cakes. Dear dad, you are very good at driving the car. You’re thin, you’re busy working. Dear Dad, you make us laugh, you are good at using the computer, you are nice. You taught me to ride a bike. Dear Daddy, you play a lot of pranks on me. Dear dad, I am not afraid of you. I’m proud of you. You are a good footballer. Sometimes you fall asleep on the couch. You are invincible. Dear Daddy, you are loving. You are a husband. You are an electrician. You are fantastic. Dear dad, you are a musician. “Dear dad, you are the world. You are adorable, young, beautiful and you are Sardinian like me ».

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“Dear dad, you are bearded, strong, kind. Help me with my homework. You play with me. You are a magician. “” Dear dad, you know how to make a bed. You can dance well. You can clean well. You know how to get the dog out. You kiss me every morning. Your focaccia is delicious. ” You are a good pizza man, you are smart, fast, good at driving. Your burgers are very good ».“ Dear Dad, I love you. You are great. You are good at painting. You are playful. Dear Dad, thank you for what you do with him. Dear Dad , We play together? “

“Dear dad, I like to watch movies with you, I like when we read comics, I like when you tell me made-up stories, I like to cook with you. Dear dad, I love you ». “Dear dad, I love you. You are the best. Your job is important because you fix people’s cars. Dear dad, you make me happy when you buy me games. Dear Dad, shall we redo the garden this year? ».