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[¡Primera exposición!]Ryzen 8000 APU up to 8 large cores + 4 small cores AMD Zen5 or upgrade to a 3nm process, see you at 2024-HKEPC Hardware

[¡Primera exposición!]Ryzen 8000 APU up to 8 large cores + 4 small cores AMD Zen5 or upgrade to a 3nm process, see you at 2024-HKEPC Hardware

[¡Primera exposición!]Ryzen 8000 APU up to 8 large cores + 4 small cores
AMD Zen5 or upgrade to a 3nm process, see you in 2024

Text: KK Wong / News Center

Regarding the future development of the Zen architecture, AMD officially only announces the Zen 4 architecture until 2022. As for the Zen 5 follow-up, you only hear the sound of the stairs, but yesterday of Moepc exhibitionIt means that the AMD Zen 5 architecture will be updated to use the TSMC 3nm process, and there is a possibility to carry out the next major change in the CPU architecture in Zen 5, using a core design similar to big.LITTLE.

Moepc said the AMD Zen architecture will follow the “single number change architecture, small iterations / even number process changes.” Similar to the Tick-Tock CPU used by Intel, the currently released Zen and Zen3 are all new CPU designs with singular number switch architectures. Zen2 and the next generation Zen 4 belong to the rhythm of small iterations / even-numbered replacement processes, that is, small updates or replacement of new processes based on the previous generation of CPU architecture.

AMD Zen4

Coming to Zen 5 is another major change in AMD’s CPU architecture. Moepc mentioned that the Zen 5-based Ryzen 8000 series APU is codenamed “Strix Point”, and “Strix Point” will adopt big.LITTLE architecture, similar to Intel’s. 12th generation core The large and small core CPU design adopted by the Alder Lake series and the 13th generation Raptor Lake series will specifically include 8 large cores of Zen5 architecture and 4 small cores of unknown architecture.

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Zen 4 Zen 5

Zen 4 Zen 5Zen 4 Zen 5

▲ There was a player in August last year Twitter @ Underfox It was also revealed that AMD has applied for a patent for the hybrid CPU design.

Regarding the manufacturing process, “Strix Point” will adopt the 3nm (N3) process that TSMC will test to produce within this year, and AMD will also carry out a new design for the Zen 5 memory. Therefore, it is expected that memory Zen 5 performance will be improved.

5nm 3nm

5nm 3nm

Moepc also mentioned the Zen 4 architecture. It was previously rumored that AMD will release an improved version of the 6nm Zen3 + architecture “Warhol” will be canceled and replaced by Zen 3 XT or Zen 3 Refresh, which means continuing to harness the architecture’s potential. existing. Process architecture., Similar to the Ryzen 3000XT series.

Therefore, according to Moepc, the future development of the Zen family will be as follows:
Ryzen 6000 series based on Zen 3 XT / Refresh architecture

Ryzen 7000 series based on Zen 4 architecture

Ryzen 8000 series based on Zen 5 architecture

Zen 4 Zen 5

Regarding the launch time, Moepc noted that because the 6nm Zen3 + architecture is gone, AMD needs to make some adjustments to replace it with the Zen 3 XT / Refresh architecture. Therefore, the launch time of the Ryzen 6000 series will be delayed a bit longer than expected. The Ryzen 7000 series will be available in 2022-2023. The Ryzen 8000 series is expected to launch in 2024.

It’s still a bit early to talk about products in two to three years, though, so it doesn’t rule out the possibility that AMD will adjust and switch at any time.

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