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Leverkusen: after the explosion, the spectrum of dioxins

Leverkusen: after the explosion, the spectrum of dioxins

“Dioxin risk, but it all depends on the concentration”

After the shock, the fear of air pollution. The explosion, which took place Tuesday at the Leverkusen waste disposal plant, would have released dioxins and persistent pollutants from the PCB family. released to “show off” such a scenario. “The danger – however, he says – depends on the concentration rate: a figure that we do not currently have.”

Stop for fruits and vegetables in the gardens, closed playgrounds.

However, the same agency also specifies how these particles actually remain “attached” to the surfaces on which they are deposited. Therefore, since there is no risk of the wind spreading them even more, to avoid any risk it is enough to follow the recommendations of the authorities: do not eat fruits and vegetables from orchards, wear gloves if you are forced to work outdoors y Avoid contact with furniture, garden and other surfaces on which the soot released by the explosion has been deposited. Meanwhile, public parks and playgrounds remain closed in the surrounding areas.

“Now there is no hope for the disappeared”

Thirty-one injured and two confirmed victims, but Currenta, the company that manages the plant, no longer trusts that it will be able to find the five people alive who are still considered missing. The Leverkusen city administration has indicated that the same company will undertake a “timely” cleaning of streets, sidewalks and other public spaces that may have been contaminated. The causes of the explosion are still uncertain. Given the uncertainty of the causes, the Cologne Prosecutor’s Office has also opened a case for homicide.

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