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LG 27GP950 and 27GP850: the first gaming monitors certified by AdaptiveSync Display

LG 27GP950 and 27GP850: the first gaming monitors certified by AdaptiveSync Display

from Oliver Jaeger
The first two monitors in the world received the new VESA AdaptiveSync Display certificate. These are the two LG Ultragear 27GP950 and 27GP850 gaming monitors. The new VESA certified logo is intended to allow users to compare the performance of monitors relative to the VRR before making a purchase.

In early May, VESA introduced new monitor certificates that claim to guarantee a certain range of features in the area of ​​variable refresh rates, namely AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display. LG Electronics’ two Ultragear gaming monitors, the 27GP950 and 27GP850, are now the first in the world to be AdaptiveSync Display certified. The South Korean electronics company announced this on May 23. The VESA AdaptiveSync Display Logo is designed to help customers compare Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) performance before purchasing a gaming monitor.

With more than 50 criteria to meet for the VESA certificate

According to LG, the two gaming monitors had to meet the strict requirements of the VESA AdaptiveSync display compliance test specification. To do this, more than 50 test criteria were established, which set clear benchmarks for evaluating the VRR capability of a monitor or laptop. The refresh rates, GtG response times and latencies of the 27GP950 and 27GP850 monitors are said to have met or even exceeded the target values ​​specified in the new VESA standard.

Both LG Ultra Gear monitors come with 27-inch screen diagonals and 1ms (GtG) response times each. While the standard refresh rate on the 27GP950 is 144 Hz (160 Hz OC), it is 165 Hz (180 Hz OC) on the 27GP850. Both gaming monitors also have a Nano IPS panel.

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Meanwhile, LG Senior Vice President Seo Young-Jae expresses pride in the world’s first AdaptiveSync display certifications for its own monitors, adding, “With upcoming 2022 models, including the Ultragear 27GP95R, we will not only continue to meet high VESA standards, but also meet the expectations and diverse needs of today’s gamers.”

Source: LG Electronics