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LG and the OLED that only bends when you play: technology makes its debut

LG has an OLED that only curves when you play games. A technology that is incredible and that the Koreans will present at CES 2021.

LG panel folding technology

The Korean company on the occasion of the CES 2021 di Las Vegas is ready to introduce numerous innovations regarding clear OLED technology and more. Today we are talking about a 48 ″ OLED panel able to bend only when playing. No, it is not science fiction, but reality. LG intends to present its latest technology at the American fair in the gaming field. This is a feature designed to meet both the needs of those who make the television a simple means of entertainment on the gaming side, and those who want to use it to view multimedia and more “classic” content.

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Is LG reviving the curved panel craze?

LG photos in Stephan forstmann gives Pixabay

A trend, that of curved panels, that has embraced the production of televisions and monitors in recent years, but has recently died out in favor of the more classic technology of plain design. Hence the possibility of having both a curved and flat panel in the same model, meeting the needs of two different groups of users of content and schools of thought.

Regarding the technical characteristics, we are facing an OLED in all its splendor, very similar to the well-known series CX of LG. YOU ARE, 4K, update frequency that varies gives 40 Hz a 120 Hz and response time equal to 0.1 milliseconds. News also on the audio side, with the sounds coming out of the panel thanks to the CSO technology, Flexible OLED cinematic sound.

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The idea of LG is to sell the panel that will later be adopted by other manufacturers by mounting it on the models that come this year. To date we do not know what the technology will be and in which models, or whether it will be motorized or manual. We are certainly already aware of the visual quality that the display will offer thanks to its technical characteristics of a true top of the range.