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LG Display: Komplette Umstellung auf OLED.EX erfolgt

LG display: full conversion to OLED.EX completed

According to the panel manufacturer LG Display, the production of the new OLED.EX panels has already been fully transitioned. Light-emitting diodes should work more efficiently and therefore shine up to 30 percent brighter than their predecessors.

in front of the site HD flat panels it has lg screen passedthat from the end of the second quarter of 2022 only the new, brighter OLED.EX panels will be manufactured in our own factories.

However, this does not mean that all new TVs are already equipped with such a panel. Because these could have been produced before the switch or still assembled from the remnants of older OLED panels. In addition to parent company LG Electronics, numerous TV manufacturers use OLED panels from LG Display. These include Hisense, Panasonic, Philips, and Sony. Philips had already introduced the OLED807 with OLED.EX at the beginning of the year.

OLED.EX means brighter

The new generation of panels uses a more efficient and stable system deuterium instead of hydrogen-based binder on organic material. Together with the adapted algorithms, this should increase the stability and efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes and thus enable a 30 percent higher peak brightness compared to conventional OLED panels. The brand name “EX” is a portmanteau of “Evolution” and “eXperience”, according to the manufacturer.

Samsung Display competes with QD-OLED

At Samsung Display, the competing product is QD-OLED. The technology differs significantly from LG Display’s white OLED approach, as blue OLEDs are combined with quantum dots. It was recently announced that Philips is also considering Samsung’s QD OLED displays for future products.