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Linux Gaming: Nobara Project Rebuilds Fedora for Streamers and Gamers


The “Nobara Project” is based on the popular RPM Linux-based distribution felt hat with Wine, essential graphics drivers, necessary codecs and additional software especially for streamers and gamers. The young project extends the distro designed as a workstation operating system in a significant and forward-looking way.

Fedora + Wine + Patches + Drivers + Tools = Nobara Project

Based on the current Fedora 36 workstation with the Gnome 42 desktop and the Linux 5.17 operating system kernel, the ambitious “Project Nobara” is designing a gaming distribution that already has all the necessary dependencies on it. Camea Windows-compatible runtime environment for POSIX-compliant systems.

A core optimized for games

The open source project offers player-specific enhancements such as FUTEX2, a mutex mechanism for even more efficient CPU usage, and other player patches built directly into the system kernel.

  • Kernel patched with futex2
  • Kernel patched with fsync support
  • Kernel patched with winesync
  • Kernel patched with carefully selected zen patches
  • Kernel patched with OpenRGB
  • Kernel patched with AMD CPCC
  • Kernel patched to enable amdgpu for pre-polaris cards by default instead of radeon
  • Patched kernel with steam deck support
  • Kernel configured with ashmem, binder and Android support for Waydroid
  • Patched kernel with Windows surface support
  • Kernel patched with simpledrm fix/workaround for nvidia (see: https://gitlab.com/cki-project/kernel-ark/-/merge_requests/1788)

Nobara Project

The Linux distro, which is specially designed for gamers, has so far gone under the radar and has just been discovered by Linux publisher Ferdinand Thommes, who is also well known among ComputerBase readers. linuxnews.de presented.

Selected software for gamers

In addition to already resolved dependencies and kernel optimizations, “Project Nobara” also offers a useful selection of selected apps for gamers and streamers, such as OBS Studio and OpenRGB, as well as Steam and Discord. CPU patches like AMD CPCC are supposed to provide more performance and FPS.

Some of the important things missing from Fedora, especially when it comes to gaming, include WINE dependencies, obs-studio, 3rd party codec packs like those from gstreamer, 3rd party drivers like NVIDIA drivers, and even bug fixes. small packets here and there. .

Nobara Project

Other annoyances, which present a challenge to Linux newcomers and Windows users in particular, are smartly and easily circumvented “out of the box”. For example, the appropriate graphics drivers for Nvidia graphics cards are supplied directly, installed with the help of an automatic installation routine, and configured accordingly.

Optimizations for the Steam Deck as well as current packages for Proton, WineSync, DXVK, and the open source game manager Lutris are already on board.

The project is still in its infancy

The young project is still in its infancy, so the developers are planning a standalone theme “Nobara” as one of the next steps. The distro currently looks exactly like Fedora or the Gnome desktop in version 42.

Players who already want to take a look at the interesting project can use the approximately 3.8 GB and more. AMD64 system optimized image Nobara 36 GNOME (ISO) to download. Alternatively, a KDE Plasma build is also available with Nobara 36 KDE.

More information is provided by the project page on the GitLab development platform and the official wiki the distribution.

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