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top 5 wireless mice

top 5 wireless mice

While a wireless gaming mouse is on par with a wired gaming mouse in terms of features and technology, a wireless gaming mouse is disadvantaged weight. the long lasting batteries are getting easier, still raise rapier Total Weight of Wireless Gaming Mice until until 20 grams.

Regardless of whether it’s the Maker or the (semi-)professional e-athlete Y frequent player were the trend towards lightweight wireless gaming mouse have launched, the truth is that a light weight an essential feature for each mainly for that Play gaming mouse used on pc. Independent of dpi rate you need for any mouse movement noticeably less Energy than a significantly heavier wireless gaming mouse like the Asus ROG Chakram X and the Asus ROG Spatha X 122 grams respectively 168 grams put in the balance

Meanwhile, a wireless gaming mouse is also of competitive players very Estimate. East gamer boy reacts particularly quickly to events in the game and emotional your wireless gaming mouse especially quickly. that here one light weight is beneficial is of course out of the question. Especially professional players who fingertip grasp prefer a lightweight, wireless gaming mouse. This type of gamer moves the wireless gaming mouse exclusively with the finger tips – it is obvious that a low weight is a priority extremely energeticbut reviewed mouse movements energy saving. For this type of user, Razer has the current 58 grams the lightest wireless gaming mouse ever Razer Viper V2 Pro, which we will present in detail below. Other flyweights among wireless gaming mice are the cool master MM731 With 59 gramsthe Logitech G Pro X superlight With 61 grams and the Glorious Model O Wireless/Model-D Wireless With 69 grams.