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Lord of the Rings Online Releases War of Expansion of Three Peaks

Lord of the Rings Online Releases War of Expansion of Three Peaks

Middle-earth’s MMO Lord of the Rings Online is more than a decade old, but it’s still adding new content, advancing the post-war ring story to the Quaternary. The next story told after the collapse of Sauron is a three-peak war in which Prince Durin of the Dwarves is marching to regain the mountain fortress of Gundabad.

The new expansion brings a new 6-person instance called Shakalush, a new raid called Stair Battle, and a new raid called Amdân Dammul, Bloody Threshold. War of the Three Peaks also introduces missions, which are repeatable instances of a new style for one or two players to pillage and other bonuses.

Fans of Middle-earth film adaptation may know Gandabad from Legolas and Tauriel attacking the Orcish fortress in Peter Jackson’s 2014 movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Hobbits. Being home to The Lord of the Rings Online, an orc named Goger the Ruthless, the son of Borg, the adversary of the Hobbit trilogy, is the main force in the Three Peaks War. I’m an adversary. Not a movie, but a book.

The standard War of the Three Peaks expansion pack is available as a $ 20 add-on, but the more expensive bundle includes exclusive items and cosmetics such as new boar mounts, armor, and inventory expansion.

The new Lord Of The Rings MMO is under development in Amazon’s gaming division, but little is known about this project. Amazon Game Studios didn’t have the best luck with that big project. Recently, after returning the game release to beta, we canceled the development of the shooter Crucible. Amazon has also entered Middle-earth through television, and the following show is being filmed in New Zealand.

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