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Lost Ark: Secure "free" items for March 2022

Lost Ark: Secure “free” items for March 2022

In March 2022, Amazon Prime members will not only get new “free” games, but also new loot for select titles. Lost Ark players will now receive a new bundle that includes: Prime Gaming is giving away the Egg Pet Pack to all subscribers. The new item set consists of a crystalline aura (five days), an amethyst shard pack (500 shards), and an egg pet chest containing a blessed egg containing one of three different pets: Hoppsi, Chop Chop, or Bong-Bong.

This is in the new package at Prime Gaming

With Crystalline Aura, you use, among other things, fast travel on the Lost Ark for free, pay a lower rate for ships abroad, and get increased health point regeneration. You can choose to spend the Amethyst Shards from the pack on Crystalline Aura, Emotes, or Mounts. You can pack the new pack until April 5, after which another pack of items will follow. Prime Gaming has announced additional packages of this type for the coming months.