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Mâcon: something new for the Tracé de la Plume app

Mâcon: something new for the Tracé de la Plume application

The Tracé de la Plume cellular software, which will allow site visitors to follow a tourist route in the metropolis, has a new operation. Now it lets people to nearly immerse by themselves in the history of Mâcon, thanks to the superimposed fact.

A fantastic phase back in time! The new features of the Tracé de la Plume application lets its people to rediscover two historic destinations in Mâcon, in superimposed reality, a handful of hundred decades ago: the Quai Lamartine and the City Corridor on the Location Saint-Pierre.

Put Saint-Pierre in the 18th century and Quai Lamartine in the 14th century

This new performance will allow diversifying the vacationer offer that is presented to guests. To acquire edge of it, you should first download the Tracé de la Plume mobile app and permit yourself be guided.

Many thanks to the software, it is now achievable to have a 360 degree graphic of the Quai Lamartine in the 14th century and of the City Corridor and Area Saint Pierre in the 18th century.“, details Emilie Clerc, deputy in cost of relations with economic brokers and worldwide relations at Mâcon Town Council.

As soon as in these two spots, “a photosphere appears (an graphic of a place taken in 360 ° editor’s take note) and is accompanied by fun and auditory info about the points referenced in the photo“, She continues.

The application is cost-free, if the encounter is sturdy, other historic websites in Mâcon could also advantage of superimposed truth via the software.

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The Tracé de la Plume will allow people to be guided via the center of Mâcon by bronze feathers on the ground, to go from a person monument to a further.