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Windows 11 will be the next big Windows update

Windows 11 will be the next big Windows update

Windows 10 has been with us for 6 long years. It has served its purpose but has not aged in the best way and has certainly been neglected by Microsoft, which has focused on other projects. But that is over. His successor will be presented on June 24 of this month and will be called … Windows 11.

Windows 11: an operating system with the user at the center

This has been stated Evan Blass (@evleaks) through your Twitter account. The well-known leaker has confirmed what was an open secret: the new Windows will be dubbed Windows 11.

Evan Blass refers to the message “Do not take screenshots of this compilation” seen by all Microsoft employees who have had the pleasure of testing the new Windows 11. By doing this, Evan is letting us understand that he has seen that screen and was probably shown the version number.

In addition, many users are fond of “Conspiracy theories” who claim that the presentation image of the event hides a number 11 on the ground due to the beams of light emanating from the window.

As if this were not enough, the event will take place at 11am ET. It seems that the number 11 follows us wherever we go. Microsoft would be sending a double message with this rebranding: they want to break with their past (even despite claiming that Windows 10 would be the last Windows) and at the same time Look into the future. The future is Windows 11.

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Source: Microsofters

Rumors suggest that this new Windows will put the user at the center and will be the beginning of years of much investment in the development of the OS. Those of Redmond will renew much of the user interface and will introduce new functions, gestures, animations, sounds and much more. We will even receive a new Microsoft Store that will change everything. June 24. Mark it with red on your calendar.