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macOS Monterey 12.3 Beta 3 released for developers


Apple has released the third beta version of macOS 12.3 for Developer Program participants. The focus is on bug fixes, including the highly anticipated Universal Control.

Update February 16, 2022: Apple releases third beta version of macOS Monterey 12.3

Apple has released the third beta version of macOS Monterey 12.3 for developers. Apple doesn’t provide much information about the content of the update, but the focus will be on bug fixes. Just about two weeks ago, Apple surprisingly released the long-awaited “Universal Control” feature as part of the first beta of macOS 12.3. This allows the iPad and Mac to be controlled together, used as an extension of the monitor, and also makes it much easier to move data between the devices. In our practice, we take a first look at the new feature.

The release notes can

on the Apple developer website
be read

Where to download macOS 12.3?

Beta 3 is currently only available to registered developers, after registration you can download macOS at
to download. As soon as the public beta is released, interested users can sign up for the beta test here:
. The macOS 12.3 Public Beta 2 is now available there for anyone interested.

Original notification of 09.02.2022

Since the developer implemented quite a few features in the first beta of macOS 12.3, the performance of the second beta was not as good. However, Apple acknowledges the battery issue with some Macs in sleep mode and promises improvements. The bug has now been fixed in Beta 2. Read more about it here.

This is how you can unlock iOS 15.4 with Face ID in a face mask


universal controls

macOS 12.3 doesn’t have to hide when it comes to new features: Testers have already found that the current beta supports Universal Control. Apple already announced the seamless operation of the new Macs and iPads at WWDC 2021, but the feature didn’t make it to the fall release. Now, Apple is delivering on its promise that Macs running macOS 12.3 and iPads running iPadOS 15.4 can seamlessly share content, mouse input, and trackpad control as if they were part of a multi-display setup.

Notes on UWB compatibility

9to5mac has discovered several system elements in the current version that indicate UWB support on Macs. However, Apple has yet to install U1 chips in its computers that are comparable to those that have worked in iPhones and Airtags since iPhone 11. Learn More here.

Login without passwords

Traces of Passkey Preview technology can be found in the current beta version. Basically, users can no longer log in with the ID and password from the support pages and with the appropriate hardware, but with a security key. The technology simplifies iCloud Keychain for the user: Instead of verifying with Face or Touch ID to transfer the correct password from the password collection to the website or service, the user signs in directly with their own key. We have explained more about this here.

Dropbox and OneDrive compatibility

The developer is removing kernel extensions that were responsible for Dropbox and OneDrive sync. Consequently, both Dropbox and Microsoft are testing a newer alternative.

More precise screen recording settings

Apple has provided a new interface for video conferencing programs. ScreenCaptureKit will be responsible for giving the user more control over the content the other party sees during the video stream during an ongoing video conference.

the new software
distinguishes divisible content according to screens, programs, and individual windows of these programs.

Airpods update also on Mac

If you want to keep your Airpods up to date, you need to connect Apple earphones to an iPhone or iPad from time to time as the firmware updates have been provided by the developer via iOS and iPadOS.

9to5mac discovered
that macOS 12.3 introduces a similar interface for Airpod firmware.

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