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Make deleted messages visible again on Android

Make deleted messages visible again on Android

In this series, TECHBOOK shows you the best Android cheats and tricks, with detailed videos and instructions.

The Android operating system developed by Google is the most widely used in the world. 70 percent of all smartphones are powered by Android today. The eleventh generation of the operating system has arrived and with each new generation it has also received new functions, some of them are quite well hidden. In the “Android Hacks” series, TECHBOOK shows you the best and most practical of these functions.

In Part 8, you will learn how to make accidentally deleted or deleted messages visible again.

Is that how it works

1. Open the AndroidSettings.

2. Select from the menu Apps and notifications outside.

3. Click Notifications.

4. Activate the slider next to Notification history use.

5. Return to the home screen and press and hold the screen in an empty space until a menu appears.

6. Choose Widgets from the menu.

7. Scroll down to the option Settings and drag the icon to the home screen by holding it down.

8. The setup shortcut menu will appear automatically. Select entry there Notification log.

9. If you accidentally delete messages without first seeing where they came from or what they contained, you can check the log to see exactly what was received on your smartphone. By the way, this is also a useful trick that allows you to read messages without marking them as read.

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