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Make relaxing Lego bonsai and flower bouquets with the new botanical series

Make relaxing Lego bonsai and flower bouquets with the new botanical series

Can you find a little pink frog hiding in the leaves of the cherry blossoms?


Lego fans can already build everything from Star Wars Millennium Falcon To Batman’s BatmobileBut now, the toy company wants to attract older fans with its new botanical series.

Launched in January, the series includes kits for making realistic bonsai and colorful flower bouquets for an adult audience looking for a way to relax.

by Lego Playwell Study 2020, 70% of adults are looking for new ways to relieve stress. LEGO believes that playing with such a set can “bring daily mindfulness and stress relief to busy adults.”

“I think a lot of people are looking for ways to change their mood and relax.” LEGO Group Design Lead Jamie Velar said In the statement. “We are pleased to help you pursue comfort in your busy daily life through this beautiful LEGO botanical collection.”

Lego flower 2

Make realistic flowers with the new LEGO Botanical Kit.


The Lego bonsai model can make two types of trees, evergreens and cherry trees. You can also create new trees that reflect the changing seasons. There is also a small pink frog hiding in the petals of the cherry blossoms. The kit also includes a rectangular flowerpot and a wooden pedestal.

With the Lego Flower Bouquet Set you can make snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters, daisies and even pampas grass. The stem length is adjustable and can be easily placed to fit any vase.

You can also combine LEGO Rose 40460 and LEGO Tulip 40461 (sold separately) to add versatility to your bouquet. Even cooler, these Lego Botanicals bricks are made from plant-derived plastic elements made from sustainable sugar cane.

LEGO botanical sets can be purchased at. Japan Lego Store, Rakuten Benelic Store And

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