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Malayalam News – The bride and groom came to another wedding looking at the Google map; It is too late to realize the mistake News18 Kerala, Buzz Latest Malayalam News

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KUALA LUMPUR: Several incidents have been reported in the past, with many coming back from a Google map. There have even been reports of vehicles veering off to other locations and falling into the river. But now Google Map has fooled the party of the groom who went out to the wedding. One of these interesting events took place in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia.

Looking at a Google map, the bride and groom arrived at another house where the engagement was taking place. The incident took place last Sunday. Relatives of the ‘bride’ who received the bride and groom also gave gifts. But one of the groom’s relatives became suspicious when he did not see anyone in the group with experience. With this, they realized the mistake and realized that they had come to the wrong place. The wedding and engagement ceremony took place in the same town. This is what created the confusion.

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The ‘street’ boyfriend and his group arrived at the 27-year-old Ulfa’s engagement ceremony. The groom and his relatives arrived just as the bride was getting ready. ‘My family accepted them. The gifts were delivered, ” Tribune News reported, citing Ulfa. Ulfa says she was surprised at first when she didn’t see any acquaintances among those who arrived. Ulfa added that they said they got there by looking at a Google map and lamented the confusion that had occurred.

Ulfa’s team of ‘real waiters’ arrived a bit late as they had to stop the vehicle to satisfy their basic needs. There was a big mistake inside. Ulfa’s future boyfriend was a native of Kendall. But the ‘wrong’ boyfriend is also from Pemalang. Then, with the help of Ulfa’s relatives, the groom and his group arrived at the actual wedding venue.

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Published by:Asha sulfiker

First published:April 10, 2021 3:50 PM IS