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Sony is ready to bring more games to mobile devices

Sony, in recent years, has caused smartphone several of his games for Play station, but now he plans to intensify this type of proposal. The idea is to expand the offer even with the most well-known and popular titles. In fact, the company is hiring a prominent figure to be included in the team dedicated to the project.

This is what Sony is looking for, what kind of person: “Responsible for creating and scaling a team of mobile leaders and will act as head of this new business unit within PlayStation Studios. He will have to lead all aspects of expanding our development from console and PC games to mobile and live services and pay attention to the successful adaptation of the most popular PlayStation franchises for mobile devices. “

PlayStation: will the most popular games for smartphones arrive?

Apparently Sony’s idea is to put pencil on paper, approx. a plan that lasts between 3 and 5 years. It is obvious that with such a long period of time many things can change, but this continues to underline the commitment to enhance this service, to bring the most popular games for PlayStation also on smartphones.

This is a sensible strategy. At present the game processes smartphone it has evolved a lot. Outside of Europe, North America and some other countries, people tend to play more games on these portable devices rather than consoles like PlayStation 5. The reasons are different, from being cheaper and not being more practical when it can be less in home.

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