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Manuel Bortuzzo downloads Lulù Selassié | “I’m not seeking for a girlfriend

Manuel Bortuzzo unloads Lulù Selassié: “I am not searching for a girlfriend, do not crack my C” (Sunday, October 10, 2021)
Manuel Bortuzzo this afternoon he had to witness the umpteenth scene of jealousy from Lulu Selassie to him (due to the fact he is much too close to Sophie Codegoni) and lastly blurted out. “Do not start off split my I take * i for these factors listed here and leave me by yourself. I distance myself but not for the reason that I have it with a person. Which is how I am, when I comprehend that one thing is not handy for me at that minute and it does not calm me, I do not do it. I will in no way truly get mad listed here. ”
Manuel Bortuzzo then he ongoing: “Do I break your caz * or do you do issues with other individuals? No! Mainly because I don’t give a damn! If Gianmaria hugs you I am happy, if Sophie normally takes my hand to dance you must be content. You are jealous, but of what? Make faces like shit like …Read on biccy


StraNotizie : Manuel Bortuzzo downloads Lulù Selassié: “I’m not wanting for a girlfriend, you should not break my C” – BITCHYFit : Manuel Bortuzzo downloads Lulù Selassié: “I’m not looking for a girlfriend, you should not break my C” – Novella_2000 : Lulu nevertheless jealous of Sophie seeks a confrontation with Manuel, he solutions angrily: ‘I’m not in this article seeking for his girlfriend … – PasqualeMarro : #GrandeFratellovip, all on the facet of #ManuelBortuzzo – PasqualeMarro : #ManuelBortuzzo, # LulùSelassie would make him grumble: “You cannot do …” –

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