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Manufacturer removes "PC Gaming Race" from its branding

Manufacturer removes “PC Gaming Race” from its branding

from Oliver Jaeger
Recently, the peripheral manufacturer formerly known as Glorious PC Gaming Race announced that it would now be simply called “Glorious.” The name was chosen by the founder at the time as a nod to a popular meme in online gaming communities.

Known for his mice and keyboards, Glorious is cutting corners. However, not in the financial field, but in his own name. Because “Glorious PC Gaming Race” just becomes “Glorious”. The manufacturer announced on April 19 in a press release famous. In addition to the name, changes to the logo and other key public marketing elements will be made accordingly.

The background of the name choice

Eight years ago, when Shazim Mohammed founded the company at the age of 24, he chose the name “Glorious PC Gaming Race”. He did this because he was and still is a “diehard PC gaming enthusiast” and wanted to allude to a popular meme in the online gaming community. For example, there is the “PC Master Race” subreddit for PC enthusiasts with six million members.

The meme originally describes the supposed superiority of PC over console gamers and is still popular. However, the term was repeatedly criticized because it could be a reference to the term “master race” and thus also a possible glorification, since “master race” is the English translation of this term.

It is said that Shazim Mohammed did not know at the time where his company would develop and therefore he chose this striking and rather long name. According to Glorious, customers initially came primarily from those online gaming communities, until the company became one of the fastest growing startups in the world of PC peripherals. Glorious goes on to say that the brand is much more than just a meme and also represents things like pride, passion, and power.

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The Glorious’ Model I gaming mouse will still be marketed under the PC Gaming Race brand, while the GMMK-2 keyboard has been chosen as the manufacturer’s first product to sport the new shorter name. Older products are said to be updated with the new brand over the years as well as the official website URL. Glorious would like to provide more information about the change in the coming weeks.

Source: Glorious