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Mario Kart 9 Dikabarkan akan Dirilis Tahun Ini, Tampil dengan Twist Baru?

Mario Kart 9 is rumored to be released this year, does it come with a new twist? newspaper report, Namira Yunia Lestanti

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – As one of the play bestseller of all time, Nintendo switch rumored to be launching Mario Kart 9 this year.

This statement is reinforced by an article from, where Kantan Game’s Dr. Serkan Toto mentioned that Nintendo will launch soon Mario Kart 9 with a new “twist” look.

Toto added that Nintendo will likely give Mario Kart 9 a new twist in the form of a paint color change and the addition of an IP so the game can be installed on mobile devices.

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“Mobile, Nintendo It’s been very quiet since Mario Kart Tour came out in 2019, but I think 2022 is when we’ll see a famous IP hit mobile again, “said Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Game.

There were also several speculations on the social network Twitter, many said that the topic that would be Nintendo this time it’s Formula 1, this is because the popularity of sports tends to be dominant this year.

Looking back, Nintendo had previously released Mario Kart 8 for Wii U in 2014. Recorded through November 2021, Nintendo announced that Mario Kart 8 sales reached 93 million units.

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Even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has officially become play best seller of Nintendo with sales close to 40 million copies.

Meanwhile, the sequel to the Mario Kart franchise, which launched on Mario Kart Tour in September 2019, surpassed 200 million downloads in April 2021.

The enthusiasm of lovers. play show interest in the topic Mario Kart 9 which is also developing. This is very likely Mario Kart 9 will become play best seller in 2022.