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Les collégiens suivent deux heures de cours de jeux vidéos par semaine.

Pac-Man, Clash Royale … Video games are already in the Aigrefeuille-d’Aunis university student program

Your son, your granddaughter can now claim a video game from you, not to play but to study, for school. It’s no joke, at the Saint Sacrement school, in Aigrefeuille-d’Aunis between La Rochelle and Surgères, a new option has been launched since the start of the September 2021 school year around video games.

A score of students From sixth to third, therefore, you can “geek” two hours a week but the objective of this option is to learn to think better, to analyze better. William, for example, is taking this course. Very concentrated in front of his computer, he is in the middle of a soccer game where the players are replaced by cars.

It shows us that we can only get better

Led, even battered, 4 goals to 0, this third year student knows very well that‘he is not only there to play. “The objective is to make a strategy, notice how you lose and how you win and then create tactics to try to beat the opponent. Understanding how we lose, telling ourselves that it is okay to lose, then it can be used in life, shows us that we can only get better“explains William.

Students work especially in teams to learn to exchange. © Radio France
Aurore richard

Make people think Learn to work together Also, to trade, these are skills Dominique Godinot wants to instill in you in this course. This tech teacher realizes this is already affecting students. “We see that they participate much more while some were very reserved. It also allows them to acquire a working method, autonomy because there we work as a team but also alone.“, considers Dominique Godinot.

She also hopes to generate some vocations in the world of videogamesor more broadly, in computing.