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Marvel Zombies devient un jeu Zombicide par CMON

Marvel Zombies becomes a CMON Zombicide game

The madness Marvel zombies not ready to stop. The alternate universe of comics Wonderful, originally imagined by Mark Millar, Greg Land after Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips returned to the limelight this past summer with a special episode of the animated series What if…?, but also with a future homonymous animated series that will come later Disney +. Now, it is in the board game that this universe will decline.

Play Marvel Zombies

The famous Zombicide game editor, WE GO (for Cool Mini Or Not) is ready to launch a new Kickstarter campaign to reject his board game in the universe Marvel zombies, which leads them to a new collaboration with the Maison des Idées. The announcement was accompanied by an image of the gigantic figure. Galactus zombie, iconic figure from these comics Wonderful, and that it will be part of a larger set: a Silver surfer It has also been featured, and the official image clearly suggests that Captain America and Spiderman it will also be there.

The Zombicide games, published in France by Edge Entertainment, are cooperative board games with miniatures that put you in the shoes of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The game is developed with 1 to 6 players, following missions established by many scenarios whose difficulty can vary. Since the inception of the game, multiple variations have emerged, often with a variation of the universe, to place the Zombicide in a context of science fiction, fantasy, etc. With Marvel zombies, so there will be enough to face the heroes Wonderful co-op zombified, which should attract quite a few people. Field Kick starter does not have a defined start date yet, but you can go and register there.

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