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Masayasu Ito: PlayStation-Hardware-Designer geht von Bord

Masayasu Ito: PlayStation Hardware Designer Lands

Masayasu Ito resigns as Deputy Director and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment. In recent decades, he was co-responsible for several generations of consoles as a hardware designer for PlayStation.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has releaseannounced that Masayasu Ito will step down as Deputy Director and President of the Company on October 1, 2022. He will be succeeded by Lin Tao, who previously held the position. Kiichiro Urata, who currently serves as SVP Head of Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations, will also be named director.

Ito worked at Sony Corporation for eleven years before joining Sony Interactive Entertainment (then Sony Computer Entertainment) in April 2008. During this time, he oversaw the console maker’s hardware development and operations, and also played a key role in hardware planning, which includes the PS5 and PSVR.

Responsible for several generations.

Initially, Ito was responsible for developing peripherals for the PS2 and LCD monitors for the PSOne. When development of the PSP began, Ito took it upon himself to design the handheld computer. He was later involved in the development of the PS3 hardware. The same applies to the PS4’s hardware and system software.

Bloomberg reports that the 60-year-old’s resignation stems from his decision to retire. That means he didn’t appear to have been hired by any other company.

updated: Bloomberg has updated the article with the following correction: Ito is staying at Sony Group, where he will work in the mobility division.

A few years ago, Ito made a much-cited statement about the PlayStation console’s controller, describing why its basic form hasn’t changed since the original DualShock was released for PS1.

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“We tried different things, but in the end we came back to this form,” Ito said. “We keep going back to the point where we say, ‘This way is the easiest to use.’ I don’t think it is necessary to change the shape by force. Of course, if a more user-friendly way comes along, that’s fine, of course.”

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Sony released the PS5 in November 2020 in various territories. The scope of delivery includes the DualSense controller, which has been improved and expanded in various ways. The console has shipped 21.7 million units worldwide. Regardless of that, delivery issues are hitting those interested, because the PS5 is still hard to come by.

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