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MediaTek wants to launch the Dimensity 6nm series, when?

MediaTek wants to launch the Dimensity 6nm series, when?

MediaTek, one of the manufacturers of chipsets for mobile devices, has just confirmed that it will hold a launch event on January 20. It is estimated that there will be a new chipset that will be announced by MediaTek under the Dimensity line.

Apart from that, MediaTek itself has also determined that the topic to be raised at the event is “Sensation”. The topic has likely been deliberately raised in relation to new products that will bring superior technology and an improved experience.

This appears to be in line with an earlier leak shared by Digital Chat Station that MediTek is likely to release a new chipset. Yes! The chipset in question is MT689x in mid-January. This will be the company’s first chipset produced using the 6nm process.

According to previous reports, there are two new Dimensity chipsets to come. Both will be produced using 5nm or 6nm process technology. One of them is MT6893 which uses ARM Cortex-A78 cores and the main core has the highest frequency which is 3.0 GHz.

The chipset is likely to come with a Mali G77 GPU for graphics processing. Reports also suggest that the upcoming MediaTek chipset will have the same design configuration as the Samsung Exynos 1080, which powers the newly launched vivo X60 lineup.

For those who don’t know, MediaTek’s Dimensty series of mobile chipsets comes with the support of 5G communication technology. So far, MediaTek has launched several models in its Dimensity line, from the “budget” series to the premium mid-range.

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Thanks to increased sales, MediaTek is now also chipmaker TSMC’s third largest customer. Recently, MediaTek was also named a leading supplier of smartphone chipsets in the third quarter of 2020, successfully surpassing Qualcomm.