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Meet the seven smartest Arab peoples ... and the least intelligent country in the world

Meet the seven smartest Arab peoples … and the least intelligent country in the world

Talking about the origin of intelligence and how it is measured has been the object of research by hundreds of scientists throughout history, and despite the scientific consensus on the subject that intelligence is a relative and very broad term, difficult to define; However, the famous IQ scale is the most widely used and recognized in this field.

It recently revealed a list of the smartest Arab peoples (according to IQ points), based on a study conducted between 2002-2006 by British psychologist Richard Lane and Finnish professor Tatu Vanhanen, where the study included more than 80 countries.

It is worth mentioning that the researchers have noted in the study a reciprocal relationship between national income and the level of intelligence, since they noted a correlation between the level of intelligence and the rates of economic growth and national wealth.

Globally, Hong Kong ranked first in the world, with an average IQ of 108 points. While Singapore and South Korea ranked second and third, respectively. While Equatorial Guinea was the lowest country on the world IQ scale.

In the Arab world, Iraq ranked first, scoring 87 points on the IQ scale, while Kuwait ranked second with 86 points, while Yemen ranked third, where the average IQ score of its People on the IQ scale was close to 85. points.

Fourth, four Arab countries tied, so their people scored equal points on the intelligence scale, namely Jordan, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, each of which scored an average IQ of 84. points.

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