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WipEout Rush 8

The WipEout saga is back with WipEout Rush, a mobile game

Alright we’re not going to lie to each other, this probably isn’t the announcement you’ve been eagerly waiting for if you’re a fan of the series. Clean up. The good news is that the saga, which we haven’t seen since WipEout Omega Collection – returns with a new work, called WipEout RushBut maybe the community didn’t expect this comeback to happen on mobile platforms.

An unexpected return to mobile

IGN reveals the first information about the game, which will necessarily be different from the opus that we find on PlayStation consoles. The CEO of Rogue Games, who is in charge of editing the title, is aware that this change will destabilize, while asking fans to be open-minded:

« If I want this visceral, intense and immersive racing experience, I’ll find it on PlayStation. But at the same time, we’re excited to be able to redesign WipEout on mobile with a fun new gameplay and stunning visuals. We hope fans will experience this with an open mind because while it is different, we are proud to bring back the WipEout license with a new vision for the formula.. »

This WipEout Rush will incorporate a single player mode with 12 championships in 5 different environments, with 60 vehicles from the old games, and we learn that Alastair Lyndsay will be handling the soundtrack for the title.

No release date for this WipEout Rush, planned for iOS and Android