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Meeting center for seniors "Frozen" - Canavese first

Meeting center for seniors “Frozen” – Canavese first

Elderly Encounter Center “Frozen”. In Mappano the “Centro Incontro Elziani” remains “out” until further notice (photographic archive).

Meeting Center “Frozen”

For fifteen months, the team led by Francesco Barletta has no longer been able to meet at the premises located on the ground floor of the town hall. The Grassi Administration, in fact, has assigned them to general practitioners and pediatricians, pending the completion of the work on the “Casa della Salute”. Barletta declares: “Unfortunately we no longer have a space to meet. We hope to find a solution soon, but we have been in a very difficult situation for almost two years ”.

Back in September?

Older people will be able to return to the ground floor of the town hall from autumn. Deputy Mayor Paola Borsello says: “We recently assigned the rooms on the ground floor of Piazza Don Agostino Amerano to general practitioners. We are completing the “Casa della Salute”. As soon as it is ready, seniors will be able to return to the historic site. We are confident that we will be able to allow entry in the fall. “

A senior center is not planned for now

At the moment there is no provision for a senior center outside the civic building. Borsello confirms: “In a long-term perspective we intend to dedicate the entire city hall building to administrative activities. But in a shorter period of time we intend to relocate the elderly, until an alternative location is identified … ”.