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Memory training: Ryzen 7000 takes up to 400 seconds with 4 DIMMs

If the system is booted for the first time after assembly or if a new XMP profile is started, the first boot process can take a while and so-called memory training is often the culprit. This describes the process in which the processor and main memory negotiate or coordinate the clock and the various times.

twitter @9550pro (via Videocardz) posted a photo of an ASRock X670E Steel Legend, which still has a sticker over all four DIMM slots.

ASRock X670E Steel Legend mentions longer boot times

This shows that ASRock prescribes a certain setting (which is currently the case), but also points out that the first boot process may take a bit longer. At 2x 16GB, which will surely be the standard configuration for many, the first boot (or after a CMOS reset) already takes 100s. 2x 32GB should take 200s. If all four DIMM slots are occupied, it can even take 400s with 4x 32GB, that’s a good 6.5 minutes.

Even today, depending on the platform, it may take a while for the system to complete the boot process after initial component assembly or a CMOS reset. However, this does not usually take several minutes on desktop platforms. The situation is different for servers with eight or more memory channels and a set of more than one module per memory channel. The boot process or memory training may also take several minutes here.

It is not known if only ASRock has such long boot times after initial installation or if it is a general issue. The label should be a clue so that the buyer of such a board doesn’t get nervous when starting it up for the first time and abort the boot process prematurely. This can certainly prevent numerous support requests. AM5 platforms reportedly still suffer from DDR5 support. Therefore, many AGESA updates are expected, especially soon after the start. Even before the first motherboards are available, there are numerous updates to report, often showcasing improvements in memory support. Memory training should also be speeded up with such upgrades.