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Fritz!OS 7.30: AVM aktualisiert auch die Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber

Fritz!OS 7.30: AVM also updates Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber

Image: AVM

AVM is updating its Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber Wi-Fi 6 router for fiber optic connections to the Fritz!OS 7.30 operating system, since most of the manufacturer’s models can already use the latest firmware. Especially with in-house 5G, hybrid, and fiber-optic models, updates often take a while to arrive.

Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber is ahead of Fritz!Box 5590 Fiber

While the top model for fiber optic connections, the Fritz!Box 5590 Fiber, still has to make do with Fritz!OS 7.29, the smaller brother model, the Fritz, is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) and 2.5 Gbit/s Fast Ethernet !Box 5530 Fiber, now the update to Fritz!OS 7.30.

Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber receives Fritz!OS 7.30
Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber receives Fritz!OS 7.30 (Image: AVM)

With the jump from version 7.29 to version 7.30 it goes according to the official release notes the following new features and improvements.

Improvement in Fritz!OS 07.30
  • fiber
    • [Verbesserung] Improved interoperability with remote GPON sites with certain profile settings
  • Internet
    • [Verbesserung] HTTPS connections with VPN (Client > LAN) improved
    • [Verbesserung] Access profile for fiber optic connections from Deutsche Telekom now with easy support
    • [Verbesserung] Added access profile with IPTV support for Delta (Netherlands).
    • [Verbesserung] New access profiles for Internet access via WAN (Italy) stored
    • [Verbesserung] Optimizations for IPTV with high load in the upstream

While AVM has already updated most of its ADSL and VDSL routers to Fritz!OS 7.30 or 7.31, many of the less common router models for 5G hybrid operation as well as cable and fiber connections are still on Fritz!OS 7.29. .

If you quickly lose the overview here, the editors overview will help you. Thanks to suggestions from the ComputerBase forum community, this is constantly being updated.

  • AVM Fritz!OS: Firmware Overview

Fritz!OS 7.50 is just around the corner

Now that more than 30 products have been leaked, which are expected to receive an update to the final version of Fritz!OS 7.50 in late summer, the tests are now running at full speed with the latest builds of Fritz!Labor.

Eleven products from the Fritz!Box and Fritz!Repeater product range are already on the way with Fritz!Labor 7.39.

Fritz Lab Firmware!
  • ADSL and VDSL routers
    • Fritz!Box 7590 → 07.39-98869 *
    • Fritz!Box 7590AX → v07.39-98872 *
    • Fritz!Box 7530AX → v07.39-98933 *
    • Fritz!Box 7530 → v07.39-98873 *
  • cable router
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6690 → v07.39-98876 *
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6660 → v07.39-98875 *
    • Cable Fritz!Box 6591 → v07.39-98874 *
  • cellular router
    • Fritz!Box 6890 LTE → v07.39-98285
    • Fritz!Box 6850 LTE → v07.39-96343
  • repeaters
    • Fritz!Repeater 3000 → v07.39-98870 *
    • Fritz!Repeater 2400 → v07.39-98871 *

*) Latest firmware from Fritz! Work with beta version 988**.

For more information visit the official website Fritz Laboratory!.