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Mets deal deadline sends clubhouse message urgently

Mets deal deadline sends clubhouse message urgently

BALTIMORE — Todd Frazier, Robinson Chirinos and Miguel Castro alone are not enough to bring back this Mets season — a team effort is needed— Add transaction deadline Of the three veterans, the clubhouse has sent a message that there is still hope for 2020.

And the regular season has 3½ weeks left, and Tuesday’s match is Mets’s 4 losses, 5 matches below .500, and hope is a product.

Jeff McNeill told Camden Yards before Mets opened the two-game series with Orioles. “Three new guys are coming in and Todd Frazier is back in the clubhouse, who is nice and good friends with all the guys, so I am very happy to be back with the others. I’d have to restart baseball, so I hope I can play here and get a playoff spot.”

The expanded postseason structure, where eight teams in each league pass qualifying, leaves October baseball as a potential Mets, if improvements are possible. They started playing the 2 East /2 game behind Marlins and the Phillies in 2nd place at NL East. The fact is important in that the second place team qualifies for the postseason with the division winner and two wildcards from the rest of the team.

Frazier, Chirinos, and Castro will report to the team on Wednesday. The trio was acquired separately with Rangers and Orioles on Monday to meet the needs of right-handed bats, backup catchers and releasers.

Todd Frazier (r) has returned to Mets following the MLB trading deadline on Monday.
Todd Frazier (r) has returned to Mets following the MLB trading deadline on Monday.Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

Playing at the Mets in 2018-19, Frazier is the most familiar name in the group and is valued for his offensive potential as well as his leadership. But Mets needed the experienced option behind Wilson Ramos, and Thomas Nido was on the injured list for reasons not disclosed.

“Especially new additions with energy already in the team, the new additions will look like a new family,” Luis Roxas Manager said. “I know that an older family, especially Frazier, came along and had some old-fashioned fun with him.”

Frazier was part of the group last season and rebounded from the terrifying first half to play a meaningful game after the All-Star Break. But the dream of securing a wildcard berth in the National League disappeared at the end of September. The bullpen was the worst of baseball.

Despite the number of playoff teams, Mets got another chance in September.

“At the end of last year we got so hot that we were in the race and couldn’t finish it.” But we need to remember it. We played well and the last few Many opportunities to win one of those spots: Last month we need to be consistent and hopefully win some wins.

“Last year we had all the fans and all the games were fun in Citifield. It was very exciting. But this year we need to bring our own energy and it’s great for Frazier to come back. He will bring that energy every day.”