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Eva Martinello

Vote to determine the next Brawl Stars community skin to open until May 10

Brawl star Fans have two weeks to vote for community skins added to the game after Holsbo.

Shows over 50 skins Browl Stars Official site. Bibi and Bee’s most popular skins are officially selected to participate in the game.

The theme of this campaign that creators must follow is “hero or villain.” “This campaign revisits Bibi and Bea as heroes and villains. Brawl star Supercell said.

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To vote, fans must log in with a Supercell ID. It’s possible to submit your work until the last day of voting, but it’s difficult to vote.

The creators envisioned different concepts for both browler skins, turning the bees into different animals and creating variations on the original skins.

On the other hand, many Bibi skins are music-themed. One of them egg.. Community figure Gedikor, who created the Horus Bo skin, did not submit the skin this time. This may increase the chances of other talented creators winning.

Anyone with a skin can participate in the game. Earn a quarter of skin sales in the first 30 days after release. The minimum compensation is $10,000 and the maximum is $50,000.

First day of voting, Super gladiator And Zombie bibi Not only is the skin leading, Spider And Space ranger Bea skin. Voting will end on May 10 and the winners will be announced on May 17.