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Microsoft announces Windows 365, the cloud platform that brings Windows to Android, iOS + and more phones

Microsoft announces Windows 365, the cloud platform that brings Windows to Android, iOS + and more phones

Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing July 14, 2021 Windows 365, a new version of Windows in the form of Cloud OS. Practically everything happens in the cloud and you can have a Windows operating system on your terminal, including the iPhone.

The platform is called Windows 365 and will be delivered as a service that provides businesses with the opportunity to provide employees with access to a Windows 10 desktop directly from the cloud. Later with Windows 11, with the release of. Imagine services like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Amazon Moon, but in the version of the operating system. It basically runs on another PC and streams with the platform.

Microsoft has stated that Windows 365 will arrive on August 2, 2021, for business users only.

In theory, Microsoft was already offering such a service through Azure virtual desktop, which allowed companies to give employees access to a Windows PC in the cloud. The difference is that Windows 365 is much easier to use and eliminates the hassle of setting up an Azure virtual desktop. I also understood that we will have a subscription-based service for this new Windows cloud. Prices are not yet known.

The cloud has been the focus of Microsoft’s strategy since Satya Nadella became CEO, coming from the cloud segment and with experience in this field. Office applications have reached the cloud through Office 365, and now Windows does the same. Motivation? Hybrid work has become the norm in the last year. Businesses will be able to choose what computing power, RAM, and storage their PCs will have in the cloud, and users will be able to access them through browsers or tools like Teamviewer.

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We can also receive a dedicated application on iOS and Android. Any device that supports video streaming will also support Windows streaming. The employee can log into any device on their account and can continue work from where they left off.