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Microsoft equips Edge with gaming features


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As Microsoft has announced, the Edge web browser is getting some gaming features.

In December 2021, the company tested the new Clarity Boost feature for the first time in Microsoft Edge developer version 98. According to program director Milena González, the optional feature uses a set of scaling functions to improve visual quality. The received image is focused directly locally in the browser. To do this, the game streaming service uses technologies that run directly on the Microsoft Edge web browser. Now Microsoft gives the Free feature for all users. Microsoft Edge version 103 is required.

Minesweeper playable in Microsoft Edge

Clarity Boost aims to improve image quality in cloud gaming. For example, Xbox Cloud Gaming can also be used in the web browser. If you want to play free games like Fortnite, you can stream them for free through Xbox Cloud Gaming. If other games like For example, if you want Forza Horizon 5, you need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs around 13 euros, to be able to use cloud gaming. Clarity Boost can also be used with other services like Google Stadia or Nvidia Geforce Now.

Also new is the ability to play video games in a sidebar. These are casual games that open in a sidebar. In the Games menu there are, for example, Solitaire Collection, Crosswords, Majong and Minesweeper to choose from. The playground can be activated or deactivated at any time in the “…” menu. In addition to the new games menu, Microsoft is rolling out a new home page that displays game launches, links to game streams, and games recently played with this Microsoft account. The games menu and new home page are currently rolling out in waves to Microsoft Edge users, so not all users will get the new content right away. Although Edge is based on Google Chrome, the mentioned features are only available in Microsoft’s web browser.

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Collection of new gaming features in Microsoft Edge:

  • Microsoft has announced new gaming features for Microsoft Edge. Browser version 103 is required.
  • Clarity Boost aims to improve image quality in cloud gaming. The received image is focused directly locally in the browser. Clarity Boost is not only compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming, but also with Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now.
  • Also new is the optional sidebar, in which casual games can be played. You can choose between Solitaire, Majong or Minesweeper. If you want, you can also display a game-themed home page.
  • Both the gaming sidebar and the new start page are rolling out in waves and thus are not yet available to all Microsoft Edge users.

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