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Microsoft extends warranty on Xbox Elite 2 controller after hardware issues

Microsoft extends warranty on Xbox Elite 2 controller after hardware issues

Microsoft has extended the warranty on the Xbox Elite 2 controller in response to complaints about hardware issues. “While using the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, we received allegations that a small number of customers were experiencing mechanical problems,” he explains. Microsoft Support Articles.. “To ensure customer satisfaction, we will extend the warranty period for Elite Series 2 controllers from 90 days to one year from the date of purchase.”

The warranty extension applies retroactively. This means that if you incur repair costs for your Xbox Elite 2 controller, Microsoft will refund you by October 31st. The extended warranty is a welcome change from just 90 days, but occurs after a series of complaints from the owner of the new Elite controller.

The exact “mechanical problem” people are facing is not clear from Microsoft’s support notes, The Verge I received a report that the face button stuck or Elite 2 did not register the button press. Some have complained of drifting and raised issues with the left and right sticks. Windows Central Report Elite 2 was recently added to the list of controllers suffering from “drifting joysticks” in proceedings seeking class action status.

Microsoft said The Verge Earlier this year, I was investigating an issue with the Elite 2 controller. These issues have occurred since their launch a year ago. In a statement released in April 2020, a Microsoft spokeswoman said, “We are aware that a small number of users may be experiencing issues with the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and the engineering team. We are actively investigating. “

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The original elite controller suffered from quality issues, but it seems that this second model originally addressed it. I was worried if the hardware issue would reoccur in Elite2. Last year’s controller review, And it’s now clear that some have problems.