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MMO Skyforge is now available on GeForce!


MY.GAMES Announcing the popular SF Action MMO Sky Forge Now available on Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service. GeForce Now!!Players can experience Sky ForgeUnique action-packed combat on more devices than ever, through the power of GeForce Now, which delivers real-time gameplay directly from the cloud to player laptops, desktops, Macs, SHIELD TVs, or Android devices.

To Sky ForgeThe player envisions a powerful immortal cloak that stands as the last line of defense between Aerion and the hordes of alien invaders trying to destroy it. Players can fight aggression, gain followers, master a range of celestial abilities, and climb the sacred ranks of the elder gods.Release of Sky Forge for GeForce Now This thrilling sci-fi adventure will allow even more players to explore and defend the vast world.

GeForce Now Users can look forward to the following features when accessing Sky Forge:

  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay

Dive into a magnificent universe full of different locations and characters, allowing players to team up with others around the world to explore and defend the ever-evolving giant universe. Skyforge is free to download and play, and receives regular free content updates, giving players unlimited adventure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Play anywhere, on any device

With Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud streaming service, players can embark on intergalactic adventures on any device, from laptops to TVs to Android phones.

  • Discover 18 immortal classes

Immortals are powerful immortals who can wield unique abilities and amazing magic. Players can switch between 18 unlockable classes at any time according to their purpose and taste. Players can use Soundweaver’s epic guitar to shred to victory, shoot for thrills with gunners, and raise the dead with necromancers!

  • Limited time event: Invasion

Invasion is a seasonal event where a corps of villains and chaotic avatars can invade and destroy Aelion. Players can repel these troops during the invasion and earn special cosmetics and rewards through the invasion pass.

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