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The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 say disappointed players can ask for a refund

Microsoft offers Cyberpunk 2077 refunds for all digital sales, but it’s not pulling the game

Microsoft says it’s offering now Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds for those who purchased the game from the Microsoft Store. The company has already offered refunds to some customers, but Microsoft is now expanding this to everyone who purchased the game digitally.

“The developers of CD Projekt Red have worked hard to ship cyberpunk in very difficult situations,” said a Microsoft spokeswoman. The Verge.. “But we also realize that some players are dissatisfied with the current experience with older consoles. So far, we have refunded the majority of customers who requested a refund. All To ensure that players get the experience they expect on Xbox, we’ll extend our existing refund policy to give a full refund to anyone who digitally purchases Cyberpunk 2077 from the Microsoft Store until we’re notified later. Provide. “

If you’re interested in Microsoft Store refunds, follow these steps: Microsoft support page..

The refund policy extension continues with days of bugs, crashes, and complaints about how to run the game on the base PS4 and Xbox One consoles.Sony has also moved Unfortunate refund Cyberpunk 2077 player This week we removed the game from the PlayStation Store. Microsoft does not intend to permanently remove the game until Sony as the titles are still listed. Available in Microsoft Store..

The move for Sony and Microsoft to refund players will happen in a few days Cyberpunk 2077 Developer CD Projekt Red said those who are dissatisfied with their purchase on PS4 or Xbox One should request a refund. CD Projekt Red is also working on releasing patches to improve the game. The patch will be released in the next few days, with more important patches planned for January and February.

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