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Buy Albion Online Developer Sandbox Interactive for about $ 150 million

Buy Albion Online Developer Sandbox Interactive for about $ 150 million

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Albion Online Developer Sandbox Interactive was purchased by Stockholm-based mobile developer Stillfront Group AB. Press Release Stillfront And By Sandbox on the Albion Forum.. The total sale amount is 130 million euros, which is equivalent to about 159 million dollars.

At the forum, CEO Robin “Eltharyon” Henkys said that the rapid growth of the game “is not always an advantage to be yourself” and that the development team “can benefit from additional expertise”. He said there are many places. “The deal will increase the number of people playing, the ability to develop patches and updates, and the increase in Albion Online,” he said.

It also leads to a lot of “more” for Henky’s himself, with a selling price of € 100 million paid directly to him and the other three founders of the sandbox. The deal is expected to close by the end of the year and Stillfront will take over the business in January.

As part of this acquisition Another it made Casual game maker Super Free Games Inc., Stillfront Announced financial information It is related to both companies. Sandbox reports net sales of approximately $ 10.6 million in the third quarter of 2020, and a press release states that Albion has 120,000 active users per day.

There is no doubt that Albion’s popularity has exploded since then. It will be available for free in April 2019..That Steam number It showed a significant increase that month, countering the possibility of actually rebounding and continuing to attract new players after the usual drop in player numbers following the first surge.Admiration for sandbox interactive is many other new F2P game It would have continued to decline until nothing was left.

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But just because of other recent events, the price of the deal suspends me. The Daybreak Game Company was also acquired by a Swedish company a month ago. About 2 times What did the sandbox do? Daybreak certainly has more games and a long history, but it’s worth noting that every game has about as many daily active users (116,000) as Albion’s 120,000. I wonder if EG7 is too much for Daybreak or Stillfront is too little for Sandbox.