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Microsoft relaunches an app from 1990

Microsoft relaunches an app from 1990

from claus ludewig
Microsoft has relaunched Sound Recorder for Windows 11 and uses a name from 1990.

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the new app called Voice Recorder. This allows you to create and save recordings from a connected microphone. Microsoft is working on a new app for Windows 11 and uses a name from 1990. It already existed in Windows 3.0 the sound recorderWith Windows 11 the tool celebrates a resurrection, of course with new features.

The new sound recorder in Windows 11 can do this

Unlike the original, where you could only store 60 seconds of recordings, the new Sound Recorder with mica design language no longer has that limitation. The recorded audio files can be seen on the left side, while the respective file is visibly played in the wave diagram on the right. It is possible to set bookmarks and change the playback speed. In addition, recordings can be imported and exported, with m4a, mp3, wma, flac and wav file formats being supported. Compared to the Windows 10 Voice Recorder, the new Windows 11 Sound Recorder offers the ability to change the recording device at any time with one click. The previous bypass through sound settings is no longer necessary.

Currently, only Windows Insiders can try the new Sound Recorder app. It is unclear when this app will be released for all Windows 11 users. Depending on feedback and development status, the return could take place this year around the 22H2 free feature update. The sound recorder will replace the Windows 10 Voice Recorder app. Microsoft is still in the process of modernizing the included Windows apps, and has already released a new edition of Paint, Notepad, Snipping Tool and the media player gives.

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Collection for the new sound recorder in Windows 11:

  • Microsoft lets Windows experts test the new version of Sound Recorder. The new app for Windows 11 will replace the voice recorder that made its debut in Windows 10.
  • There was already a sound recorder in Windows 3.0 from 1990, but the new version has a lens design.
  • In addition to displaying the currently playing audio file in a wave diagram, the new Sound Recorder allows you to select the recording device.
  • It’s not yet clear when Sound Recorder will be available to all Windows 11 users. Perhaps with feature update 22H2.

Source: Microsoft