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Microsoft ประเทศไทยประกาศส่ง Minecraft: Education Edition หนุนการศึกษายุคดิจิทัล

Microsoft Thailand announces Minecraft: Education Edition to support education in the digital age

Although this year, COVID-19 makes another great event of the year, like the Red Cross, unable to bring us color like every year. But real buyers can still experience the Red Cross atmosphere and purchase various products from home through the Red Cross online fair on the website. https: // www. Fair of the Red Cross. com /

That in addition to having a wide variety of foods to eat – uses AND activities: live performances throughout the day This year is even more special with the Minecraft Red Cross online edition that recreates part of Lumpini Park in Minecraft style for you explore it. By the skill of a team of miners – builders From the King Mongkut Ladkrabang Institute of Technology

If you want to explore the Red Cross and the Minecraft-style garden, check out the details of how to play in https: // minecraft. Red Cross. com / Which in addition to being open to exploration to your liking is also a warm-up before the Thai Red Cross announces a new world so that students have the opportunity to create their own Red Cross work as possible. Building on top of the world by Suan Lum This model Anyone interested can see the details of the contest at And apply for the contest before December 29

This year, Microsoft Thailand began encouraging schools to adopt Minecraft: Education Edition, a special Minecraft game designed to support learning in a new way. Full fun and content Teachers: Teachers who are interested in learning how to use Minecraft in the classroom can join together and discover new ideas through the online course for teachers at

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For those of you who are not familiar with Minecraft, a phenomenal game that allows millions of players to get creative in a world without limits. Let’s meet in a special clip from Uncle Phi.