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Servizi VAS: come agiscono i truffatori alle spalle delle vittime

What are VAS and why do they deplete our credit: attention

What are VAS? It is quite easy for us, the users, who are part of any telephone company, do not be too careful with the little deceptions to which we are subjected from them. Unfortunately, however, it often happens that these companies are accomplices of third parties to steal money from us through small deceptions. Although they are technically legal, they should be considered unfair and dishonest. It is precisely so that from time to time we are subscribed to services that we had never requested. It is no coincidence thatAGCOM it has fined several of these companies more than once.

What are these subterfuges and what are VAS?

The way to activate these unsolicited services (called YOU), that is, subscriptions to online games or magazines of dubious quality, horoscope and many others, it is very simple: simply mistakenly click anywhere on one of these pages. They are often opened in front of us against our will or because we have pressed banners or something. Sometimes even clicking on it it is enough to activate a subscription automatically. And so, from the first moment, we end up paying the subscriptions never less than 5 euros, for services that do not even interest us.

What to do in these cases? In addition to paying close attention, which is the first of the tips that we can give you, the fundamental thing to do is call your phone company reference number and demand a refund. Ask them to turn off any unsolicited services outside of your initial contract, alternatively call the service’s toll free number. When you ask your phone company to completely lock the VAS, from that moment they will be legally obliged to protect you for any future eventuality.

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